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Auditing services on the Sunshine Coast

Self-Managed Super Funds SMSF on the Sunshine Coast

It is our aim to help our clients in three main ways which we ensure is performed in a way our clients can understand. We talk in plain language with as little accounting jargon as possible. Speak with one of our accountants on the Sunshine Coast today!

Navigate the Tax System

Tax is an expense that does not produce more income so it should therefore be reduced as much as possible. Our firm strives constantly to look at ways to help our clients legally reduce their income and Capital gains tax liabilities.

Improve Business Performance

We perform this by helping our clients measure and monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of their business. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Do you even know what your KPI's are? We provide Break- even Point analysis and prepare Cashflow Budgets for our clients.

Improve Wealth

The aim for many people is to grow their wealth and with the above two processes we help our clients achieve this. We are also experts in Self Managed Superannuation Funds, Tax Effective Investing and we also work closely with our affiliated Financial Planning firm, Close Financial Services when it comes to placing these all important funds into a particular Investment Portfolio.

We achieve the above through the following specific services:




Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Business Purchases & Sales

Business Performance Improvement

Management Rights

We specialise in this industry and have been actively working with the industry since 1998.

Services we provide:

Do not make the mistake of using any accounting firm when you are in this industry, use an industry expert - the benefits are worth it!


Foreign Residents / Immigrants